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What are the 5 key links of popular coal-fired boiler transformation

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Coal-fired boiler transformation

Key links in the transformation of coal-fired boilers:

(1) Remove the original coal-fired boiler slag machine, on the coal bucket, on the coal machine, chain furnace row, transmission and other equipment.

(2) By calculating the heat transfer of the furnace, the geometry of the furnace is determined and the center position of the furnace flame is determined. Re-pouring furnace, furnace pouring material using refractory concrete, ratio is: large aggregate: medium aggregate: small aggregate: small aggregate: sand: fire-resistant cement : 4:2:1:1:2. In order to avoid the center of the flame, the original rear arch pipe is raised on the basis of the original slope.

(3) Install explosion-proof doors.

(4) A water pressure test of 1.5 times the working pressure on the boiler body.

For my thermal plant SHL-type double-pot flat boiler and other various water pipes, water and fire pipe boiler transformation program, in general, should try not to change the boiler body pressure element part, only the furnace arch, furnace wall for local transformation can be.

In the transformation construction regardless of the furnace type should pay attention to the following problems:

(1) The flow of smoke should be ensured, there is a good fullness and should avoid dead ends and dead zones.

(2) The burner should be set at the center height position of the furnace, and there is sufficient combustion space and length. Flames should not be washed into the wall of the heated surface tube to avoid incomplete combustion of the gas and partial overheating damage to the pipe wall.

(3) Because of the strong reaction of natural gas combustion in the furnace and high heat intensity, the bottom of the pot exposed in the furnace should be sterile, and the smoke temperature at the entrance of the pipe plate of the fire tube boiler should be controlled at 6000C to prevent the cracks in the pipe plate.

(4) All kinds of water pipes, water and fire pipe boiler furnace wall basically with fire-resistant brick masonry, plus insulation materials and protective panels. In the "coal to gas" should pay attention to the tightness of the furnace wall, to minimize the original furnace door, inspection door, etc. , can be used refractory material blocking, to prevent the squirting of flame injury or leakage into the furnace too much cold air, affecting boiler efficiency, for the must be retained to see the fire hole should also use closed hole, through the heat-resistant glass observation furnace fire.

(5) The ratio of furnace and gas boiler of coal-fired boiler is generally relatively large, there is sufficient combustion space, after the transformation can increase the amount of gas, does not affect the combustion conditions. If the user requires a significant increase in boiler output, the furnace radiation heating surface can be appropriately increased, while removing the original heating surface inside and outside the scale and smoke, so that without increasing the boiler volume, the increase in boiler output is not a problem. However, it is necessary to do a good job of boiler thermal calculation, smoke resistance calculation at the same time to do a good job of strength calculation.

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