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The ultra-low emission transformation of coal-fired boilers in Wupetrochemical Fertilizer Plant has

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Inner Mongolia boiler environmental protection transformation was informed that the central environmental protection inspector rectification carried out - Wu petrochemical fertilizer plant coal-fired boiler ultra-low emission transformation completed the pollutant emission concentration significantly reduced

At present, China Petroleum Urumqi Petrochemical Company fertilizer plant 2 coal-fired boilers ultra-low emission transformation completed, the concentration of pollutant emissions significantly reduced.

On December 4, the reporter learned from China Petroleum Urumqi Petrochemical Company (hereinafter referred to as Wu Petrochemical Company) that, according to the relevant plans, since Last June, Wu Petrochemical Company has implemented ultra-low emission transformation of two 210 steamed coal-fired boilers each at the fertilizer plant, which was completed in October this year.

"We are on the production side of the transformation, in October this year, after the completion of the project, at the end of November through our enterprise operating indicators assessment and acceptance. At present, the concentration of pollutant emissions in flue gas is within the ultra-low emission limit. Gao Sheng, director of the fertilizer plant of Wu Petrochemical Company, said that in the case of two coal-fired boilers operating at full capacity, the concentration of pollutant emissions in the flue gas could be more than double that before the transformation.

Not only fertilizer plant coal-fired boiler ultra-low emission transformation, last year so far, Wu Petrochemical Company has invested nearly 300 million yuan, has implemented 10 volatile organic pollution control, 5 coal-fired boilers with a total of 1650 steamtons of ultra-low emission severance transformation projects, continue to reduce the emission severity of various pollutants.

"As of the end of November this year, our company's volatile organic compounds were more than 2,000 tons lower than before 2017, and the emission of flue gas pollutants from the entire boiler was significantly lower than before the transformation. Among them, the concentration of particulate matter decreased from less than 20 mg per cubic meter to less than 10 mg per cubic meter. Wu Petrochemical Company Deputy General Manager Wang Xin said.

Source: Urumqi Evening News

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