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A brief analysis of how to implement the energy-saving and environmental protection effect of heatin

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With the continuous development of China's economy and society, the daily production of factories and enterprises in China and the daily life of residents use more and more natural resources.

However, in the process of utilizing natural resources, the environment has also brought a certain negative impact, such as the use of heating boiler siday coal-fired heat, emissions of flue gas, the resulting slag have a negative impact on the environment, the urgent need for staff to take energy-saving technology and a series of measures to improve the energy-saving and environmental protection effect of heating boilers.

Based on this, this paper shared by the environmental protection transformation of inner mongolia boilers puts forward common problems in the operation of central heating boiler system, and then puts forward environmental protection and energy-saving measures, with a view to providing guidance and reference for related work.

Implementation of energy-saving and environmental protection measures

Under the background of the continuous development of industrial technology, the problem of resource consumption and pollution has always been the key problem in the upgrading and transformation of central heating boiler, and the traditional boiler system can not conform to the concept of energy saving and environmental protection in the new period.

Especially under the "13th Five-Year Plan", the boiler use enterprises put forward a clear request for energy conservation and consumption reduction, the community of boiler combustion in energy conservation and environmental protection is also more and more attention.

At the same time, production costs cannot be controlled as coal prices continue to rise. This needs to be based on the existing waste, energy consumption and other issues to put forward energy conservation and environmental protection measures, on the basis of the quality of heating can be guaranteed, reduce the use of coal and other resources, reduce the operating costs of enterprises.

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Factors affecting energy conservation and environmental protection of heating boilers

1. Carbon content in the slag of heating boilers

The carbon content in the slag of the heating boiler is also an important factor to measure the energy saving and environmental protection effect of the heating boiler. If the staff want to make the heating boiler energy-saving and environmentally friendly work, can choose to reduce the carbon content of the heating boiler slag this method.

The use of some coal with high moisture content as the raw material for the operation of the heating boiler will make the carbon content in the boiler slag is too high, because the coal with higher moisture content is often not fully burned in the heating boiler, there will be a considerable part of the residue, which not only makes the carbon content in the heating boiler slag greatly increased, It will also increase the consumption of coal.

Because in order to make the heating boiler to reach the target temperature, it is necessary to consume more coal, which makes the heating boiler energy saving and environmental protection effect greatly reduced. At the same time, the unreasonable setting of the working parameters of the heating boiler will also lead to an increase in the carbon content of the boiler slag.

Pre-set heating boiler operating parameters will have an impact on the operation of the heating boiler, if the working parameters set is not scientific, reasonable, it is easy to lead to some coal has not been completely burned to discharge to the furnace, resulting in a large amount of waste of coal burning, increase the carbon content of the heating boiler slag.

2. Boiler equipment is old and old

Today, many boiler units face problems such as old equipment, low level of automation, and mismatch between design fuel and fuel use.

In the process of use failed to arrange the tail flue gas treatment measures as required, coal-fired boilers generally use negative pressure combustion technology, but because of the low level of boiler operators, in the course of operation do not pay attention to, so that the boiler leakage serious, coupled with insufficient fuel combustion, which leads to low thermal efficiency of the boiler, waste of energy, And environmental pollution is also very serious.

3. Operational management factors

In general, the thermal efficiency of coal-fired industrial boiler sits higher than the actual operating efficiency of the boiler, and the difference between the two is generally 10% to 30%. The reason for the above situation is closely related to the operation and management of coal-fired boilers.

In general, the exhaust temperature of coal-fired industrial boilers is 108 to 150 degrees C, and this data directly affects the energy saving of boilers. The practice shows that the change of smoke temperature is proportional to the change of exhaust heat loss, and the temperature of exhaust smoke increases, and the heat loss of exhaust smoke increases.

In the actual operation of coal-fired industrial boiler, the staff failed to adjust the boiler air volume reasonably, resulting in the boiler temperature increase, negative pressure increased, smoke speed becomes faster, or due to unreasonable fuel selection, fuel can not be fully burned, fuel into the boiler tail flue, carried out secondary combustion, resulting in increased smoke heat loss.

Governance measures

1. Strengthen the monitoring and management of heating boilers

Strengthen the monitoring and management of heating boilers, timely grasp the working status of heating boilers, can ensure the normal heating of heating boilers, but also improve the energy-saving and environmental protection effect of heating boilers.

Staff can be arranged to check the heating boiler on a regular and regular basis, accurately measure and count the operating temperature of the heating boiler and various parameters, so as to ensure that the heating boiler can be normal, energy-saving and environmentally friendly operation.

2. Control the temperature of the boiler exhaust

The temperature of boiler exhaust is a comprehensive parameter that reflects the boiler design, health and equipment. In the operation of the boiler, due to improper operation of the operator caused by the increase in the temperature of exhaust smoke or the increase of the amount of smoke, will increase the loss of exhaust heat, reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Reducing the loss of exhaust heat during operation can be considered by preventing heat-affected surface slag and ash accumulation.

If the boiler is heated with ash and slag, because the heat transfer coefficient of gray scale is very small, this will be the boiler heat absorption reduction. The same large boiler heat area, if the slag and ash accumulation, the heat passed to the working mass will be greatly reduced, will increase the furnace and various sections of smoke temperature, so as to increase the temperature of the smoke.

In operation, reasonable adjustment of wind, powder, adjust the thickness of the coal seam and furnace drainage speed, adjust the wind speed and wind rate, to prevent the local temperature of the furnace is too high, can effectively prevent the heat surface slag. In the boiler operation should be the heating surface regularly blow ingress, deslag.

3. Optimised combustion

First of all, for the use of coal-fired industrial boilers, the use of enhanced combustion measures. In the actual operation of the boiler, the relevant units and staff combined with the specific structure form of the boiler, scientific choice of combustion mode, optimize combustion, so as to improve the actual thermal operation efficiency of the boiler, reduce the cost of boiler coal consumption.

In particular, in the actual operation of coal-fired industrial boilers, the combustion chamber structure and furnace arch can be optimized and modified in the light of the actual operation of the boiler and the actual production demand of industrial products, and the fuel combustion can be enhanced by stratified combustion, oxygen-rich combustion, semi-boiling combustion and other technologies. To reduce the loss of solid incomplete combustion heat and the loss of gas imperfection combustion heat, and finally achieve the goal of improving the thermal efficiency of boilers.

In addition, in the specific operation process, the common boiler combustion technology methods are fixed furnace boiler combustion and chain furnace boiler combustion, although the above two combustion technology can meet the requirements of industrial production to a certain extent, but there are low fuel combustion rate, pollutant emissions and other problems, in order to solve the above-mentioned problems, the relevant units, Staff should take more advanced and reasonable combustion technologies such as energy-saving and more environmentally friendly circulation, coal powder combustion and coal slurry combustion as far as possible to improve boiler combustion efficiency and reduce fuel losses.

In the above-mentioned coal-fired industrial boiler combustion mode, the circulating fluid combustion technology has a relatively obvious reference advantage, such as significant desulfurization effect, high combustion rate and suitable for a variety of fuels, in the specific operation process can be considered.

4. Use of variable frequency technology

The energy consumption of water pumps and fans in the circulating heating equipment of gas boilers is relatively large, the traditional central heating fans and pumps cannot adjust the frequency of the thermal load through the user's demand, and the large industrial enterprises use the intercept and bezel air volume in the process of controlling the flow, and do not reduce the energy consumption of the equipment. It also comes at a cost due to the setting of valves and bezels.

Therefore, the use of variable frequency technology and tonic water pump variable frequency pressure to achieve the design, by using heat and outdoor temperature to adjust the pump operating parameters, so as to save energy.

Because the boiler during the cycle heating process will leak for some reason, in order to make the equipment run normally, it can be injected into water. In order to make the pipe network can operate normally, it is necessary to implement the installation of water recharge device, so as to ensure stable pressure.

5. Strengthen education and training to raise operators' awareness of energy conservation

In the process of coal-fired industrial boiler operation, the ability quality, professional and technical level and energy-saving and environmental protection consciousness of water quality treatment personnel, centralized and control operation personnel directly affect the actual operation effect of the boiler and affect the coal consumption of boiler combustion.

Therefore, in order to improve the energy-saving of coal-fired industrial boilers, the relevant units need to do a good job of education and training of operators, improve the operator's knowledge of energy conservation and environmental protection, enhance the operator's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, ensure that in the course of operation in strict accordance with specific technical standards and reasonable operation, effectively reduce the fuel loss rate caused by misoperation.

In addition to regularly organizing operators to participate in energy conservation and emission reduction training activities, units also need to strengthen the supervision of operators through professional assessment, such as in the process of technical assessment to add energy conservation and emission reduction technology assessment, so as to urge operators to strengthen the coal-fired industrial boiler energy conservation and emission reduction knowledge and technology learning, Improve the technical level of operators' actual operation and promote the improvement of the thermal efficiency of boiler operation.

In its current form, coal-fired industrial boilers may still be the leading products in China, with china's energy supply structure policy changes and environmental requirements of increasingly stringent, energy conservation has become electricity, natural gas, oil and coal outside the whole new energy. Inner Mongolia boiler environmental protection transformation emphasizes that China's boilers in the future to high energy-saving, high efficiency and full combustion direction, so, to promote the transformation of coal-fired gas boilers, effectively achieve energy-saving and environmental protection goals, for China's key tasks.

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