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What problems do gas boiler systems often experience?

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The following small editor Inner Mongolia boiler environmental protection transformation for everyone to explain.

The difficulty and focus of the problem son of the gas boiler system is in the boiler body, the boiler body mainly has the problem of furnace wall burning red, water-cooled wall pipe burst pipe, on-pot tube insulation layer easy to fall off, these problems all affect the safety of the boiler, high load, long-cycle operation.

Boiler operation and the existing problems of two fast pot design edding the installation of the start-up boiler, in fact, long-term operation, mainly used to supplement the main device lack of medium-pressure steam. In the early driving or system fluctuations, the need for a fast pot in a short period of time at more than 95% of the high load operation, the usual two furnaces mainly at about 70% of the load. On the upper pot of the dead layer off the fast pot, the lower pot has 1/5 area exposed to the furnace, forming part of the combustion chamber. The upper and lower pots are made of concrete insulation layer. But the insulation layer of the upper pot because of the force of gravity, laid concrete off the pot tube exposed in flame, extremely unsafe. In addition, the pressure of the natural gas system is unstable during ignition.

The cause analysis and treatment of water-cooled wall pipe burst pipe analysis and treatment of fast pot water-cooled wall pipe blasting is caused by long-term local overheating. The main reason is that the boiler furnace wall and water-cooled wall for contact seal, water-cooled wall tube half of the area is laid in the furnace wall wall, coupled with the water-cooled wall tube vertical difference, after the furnace wall masonry, there is a water-cooled wall pipe upper and lower exposed area is not the same situation, resulting in the water-cooled wall tube top by heat, long-term overheating caused damage.

Boiler renovation

The temporary measure is to protect the first water-cooled wall tube up and down the furnace wall with concrete, extending the use of the furnace pipe for more than a major repair period. In fact, the fast gas boiler wall and water-cooled wall pipe seal ingress with the problem of seal leakage and weak water circulation. Therefore, when designing this type of boiler, it should be considered that the combustion chamber is all composed of water-cooled wall pipe seal.

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