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Safe use and maintenance of electric boilers

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China's coal resources are rich, insufficient natural gas, so in the past industrial production, and life heating, hot water supply, etc. are used to burn coal boilers, but the use of coal boilers produce a large number of waste gas pollution serious, especially some scattered small boiler spending, without special emissions treatment, is the main source of pollution. The state has always attached great importance to environmental protection issues, issued environmental protection documents, banned the provinces of less than 10 tons of coal-fired boilers. Below small editor Inner Mongolia boiler for everyone to science.

Safe use of electric boilers:

1. Production shall be in strict accordance with the requirements of the Regulations on Safety Supervision of Steam Boilers and the General Technical Conditions for Industrial Boilers and the Technical Conditions for the Manufacturing of Boiler Strains.

2. Before the purchase and selection of electric boilers to check whether the original transformers and cables meet the requirements, pipeline transportors or other production equipment is normal, electric boilers have an easy combination of structure, flexible control, simple installation, full automation and so on.

3. Before the use of electric boiler to check whether the connection of the components and parts are loose, such as not connected well, and then power will be in poor contact, long-term operation of components heat, damage the boiler, reduce the life of the boiler, increase maintenance costs.

Electric boilers

4. Whether the parameters are set and displayed is normal, automatic operation state, the parameters are not accurate, will cause accidents and unnecessary power waste.

5. After the boiler commissioning and stable operation after power-up, the late operation should have trained personnel to operate, in accordance with the manual, can not be operated at will, so as not to cause damage to their own and enterprise property safety. Maintenance of electric boilers: general resistance boiler spending six months (according to the use of the boiler state, the cycle operation is better than the full load operation mode) to carry out certain maintenance of electric boilers, maintenance including possible replacement of resistance wire or electric heat pipe and descaling treatment, waste of human and material resources, affecting enterprise production. The other is an electromagnetic heating boiler, using the electromagnetic vortex heating principle, no direct contact with water, hydro-electric separation heating is safer, and he does not like resistive long-term operation after the production of their own material loss, heating efficiency will be lower and lower (perhaps 90% to 50% later) which means you waste more electricity to spend more money, But the benefits are not. Because electromagnetic vortex heating directly acts on the atom, atomic friction generates heat, so as long as the water contains less impurities (can be used to soften water treatment system treatment), do not worry about fouling phenomenon, save human and material resources, create higher efficiency for enterprises. However, whether electromagnetic or resistive, regular maintenance for electric boilers is also to ensure its normal operation of the basic.

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