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Inner Mongolia boiler to fully realize the production capacity of boiler heating

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This year due to the large number of stop the use of coal-fired Inner Mongolia boiler led to the Inner Mongolia boiler seriously affect the market, many Inner Mongolia boiler enterprises have been too late to transform, Inner Mongolia boiler environmental protection transformation is the first to invest huge funds to transform, the current Inner Mongolia boiler on the gas Inner Mongolia boiler environmental protection transformation has greater confidence, In particular, heating Inner Mongolia boiler steam ingress inner inner boiler, steam Inner Mongolia boiler will be greatly improved.

Inner Mongolia boiler channelhas has been basically built, all heat sources and municipal heating company and other 7 primary heating unit operation data has been connected to the channel, this winter heating period officially opened, and the remaining heating units are all included in the channel supervision scale. Channels include thermal supervision, gas supervision, map use, complaints supervision, key projects, video supervision, daily official letters, mobile supervision, operation and maintenance and other nine special systems. In the future, the channel will gradually extend the online monitoring of room temperature of typical user residents, strengthen the inductive analysis and application of big data in operation, so as to further enhance the induction of heating effect quality, heat network operation conditioning, heating energy consumption conditioning, etc.

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