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What energy-saving effects are in the design of boiler wall in Inner Mongolia

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First of all, the heat resistance of Inner Mongolia boilers is an important element, because the retaining wall is subject to high temperature radiation from the flame inside the furnace, or in contact with high temperature fumes and hot ash. Therefore, the furnace wall should have sufficient high temperature resistance, wells should be able to withstand a large temperature change and resistance to ash erosion. Old Inner Mongolia boiler and small Inner Mongolia boiler furnace because of space and limited funds in the furnace rarely designed to cold wall tube even if the design spacing is very large, so the wall temperature of the furnace wall is very high temperature is very high.

Modern large-scale Inner Mongolia boiler cold wall tube design has wanted to be good but not all cover, local furnace wall also bears a large number of high temperature so heat resistance is very important.

Insulation is also a very important factor in the furnace wall, in Inner Mongolia boiler energy saving and safety above the embodiment of a very specific, requiring 60kg/s (220t/h) or more in Inner Mongolia boiler furnace outside the surface temperature of no more than forty-five degrees Celsius, and 60kg/s below, not more than 50 degrees Celsius. For example, a boiler with an evaporation of more than 22.2 kg/s (80t/h) requires an external heat loss of less than 5%, which requires a good insulation of the furnace wall.

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