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  • What is inner mongolia bag duster

    Inner Mongolia bag dust remover is a dry dust filter device. After a period of use of filter material, due to sieve, collision, retention, diffusion, static electricity and other effects, the surface of the filter bag accumulated a layer of dust, this layer of dust is called the first layer, in the course of this later movement, the first layer has become the main filter layer of filter material, relying on the role of the first layer, the larger filter material can also ...

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  • 2020 01-05
    Working principle of Inner Mongolia bag duster

    Inner Mongolia bag duster high dust removal efficiency is inseparable from its dust removal mechanism. Dusty gas from the Inner Mongolia bag duster lower intake pipe, through the guide plate into the ash bucket, due to the collision of the deflector and the reduction of gas speed and other effects, coarse dust will fall into the gray bucket, the rest of the fine particles dust with the gas into the filter bag chamber, due to filter fiber ...

  • 2020 01-05
    What are the 5 key links of popular coal-fired boiler transformation

    The key link of coal-fired boiler transformation: (1) to dismantle the original coal-fired boiler slag machine, on the coal bucket, on the coal machine, chain furnace row, transmission and other equipment. (2) By calculating the heat transfer of the furnace, the geometry of the furnace is determined and the center position of the furnace flame is determined. Re-pouring furnace, furnace pouring material using refractory concrete, ratio for: large aggregate: medium...

  • 2020 01-05
    The ultra-low emission transformation of coal-fired boilers in Wupetrochemical Fertilizer Plant has

    Inner Mongolia boiler environmental protection transformation was informed that the central environmental protection inspector rectification - Wu petrochemical fertilizer plant coal-fired boiler ultra-low emission transformation completed the pollutant emission concentration significantly reduced at present, China Petroleum Urumqi Petrochemical Company fertilizer plant 2 coal-fired boiler ultra-low emission transformation completed, the concentration of pollutant emissions significantly reduced.

  • 2020 01-05
    The effect of tax cuts continues to show that fiscal revenue increased by 3.8% in October

    Beijing, November 19 (Reporter Wang Guan) Ministry of Finance released on the 19th fiscal revenue and expenditure shows: January-October cumulative, the country's general public budget revenue of 16770.4 billion yuan, an increase of 3.8% yoy


  • 01-06 2020

    In Inner Mongolia boiler, the design of the superheater and reheater system is more complex, should be based on the boiler capacity and parameters to consider the pipe wall temperature, system resistance, temperature control mode, steel consumption and other requirements, and should be based on the overall layout of the boiler for comprehensive consideration, if necessary, should be different programs of technical and economic comparison, and then choose a better arrangement. ...

  • 01-06 2020

    Inner Mongolia boiler environmental protection transformation after a long period of operation, the inevitable emergence of scale, rust problems, Inner Mongolia boiler environmental protection transformation to form scale is mainly due to the water with hardness components, after high temperature, high pressure of continuous evaporation and concentration, in the furnace occurred a series of physical, chemical reactions, and finally in the heat surface to form a hard, resulting in ...

  • 01-06 2020

    This year due to the large number of stop the use of coal-fired Inner Mongolia boiler led to the Inner Mongolia boiler seriously affect the market, many Inner Mongolia boiler enterprises have been too late to transform, Inner Mongolia boiler environmental protection transformation is the first to invest huge funds to transform, the current Inner Mongolia boiler on the gas Inner Mongolia boiler environmental protection transformation has greater confidence, especially heating Inner Mongolia boile

  • 01-06 2020

    The environmental protection transformation of inner mongolia boiler is the residual heat utilization of high temperature flue gas excluded from the user's production. High temperature flue gas can be used by producing hot water or steam for other parts of the work through the corresponding waste heat boiler. The reason for the environmental transformation of Inner Mongolia boiler is that the cry of low-carbon environmental protection is growing, and people's carbon emissions from their own soci

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