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Choice of Bag Duster in Inner Mongolia

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The choice of dust removal equipment should be based on national emission standards, dust starting concentration, dispersion, density, operating condition sinouvair, hydrophilicity, viscosity, toxicity, explosive and gas temperature, humidity, chemical composition and other physical characteristics and equipment investment, occupancy space, operating costs, maintenance operation and installation and other factors reasonable selection of dust removal equipment and its filtering materials.

Sanding machine, bulk dry material swiston equipment, crushing equipment, vibration sieve, core grinding machine, etc. should be used Inner Mongolia bag dust remover.

The grinding machine can be used in a bag-type dust removal unit.

Materials can directly fall into the equipment, equipment, such as demolition and removal of aircraft, silos, belt conveyor transfer points, sand mixers, etc. , it is advisable to bag duster directly installed in the equipment.

Roller sieve, multi-angle sieve, cooling lifter, cleaning roller, sand blast ingress, pill booth, available bag duster.

The use of dry dust remover when the high humidity of dust gas may be exposed, should be kept warm or warm and heated, in the cold region, the treatment of high humidity dust gas, dust remover should not be arranged outdoors, otherwise measures to prevent freezing should be taken.

Inner Mongolia bag dust remover, when the temperature of dust gas exceeds 120 degrees, should use high temperature filter material, dust gas humidity is high, should use good waterproof performance filter material, dust gas has corrosion, should use acid and alkali resistant corrosive filter material, dust gas flammable and explosive, should use anti-filter material.

Inner Mongolia bag duster selection should be used better performance pulse blow-out ash bag duster, pulse filter duster, filter wind speed of 0.8m/min-1.5m/min.

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