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Structure of boilers in Inner Mongolia

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The overall structure of the boiler in Inner Mongolia includes the boiler body and auxiliary equipment.

The main components such as furnace, pot, burner, water-cooled wall superheater, coal-saving, air preheater, frame and furnace wall in Inner Mongolia boiler constitute the core part of the production of steam, called Inner Mongolia boiler body. The two most important components in the Inner Mongolia boiler body are the furnace and the pot.


Also known as a combustion chamber, it is a space for fuel combustion. The furnace that burns solid fuel on the furnace row, the furnace that burns the fire bed is called the laminate furnace, also known as the fire bed furnace, the furnace that burns the liquid, gas or powdered into the furnace is called the chamber furnace, also known as the furnace furnace, and the air lifts the coal particles to make it boil, and the furnace is suitable for burning inferior fuel, is called the boiling furnace. Also known as a fluidized bed furnace, a cylinder-shaped furnace that uses air flow to rotate coal particles at high speed and fires strongly is called a cyclone furnace.

The cross-section of the hearth is generally square or rectangular. The fuel burns in the furnace to form flame and high temperature fumes, so the furnace wall around the furnace is made up of high temperature-resistant materials and insulation materials. Water-cooled wall tubes are often laid on the inner surface of the furnace wall, which not only protects the furnace wall from burning, but also absorbs a large amount of radiant heat from flame and high temperature fume.

Furnace design requires full consideration of the characteristics of the fuel used. Each Inner Mongolia boiler should burn as much fuel as possible with the original design. The economy and reliability of Inner Mongolia boiler operation may be reduced when the fuel with different combustion characteristics is different.


It is a cylinder describer that receives the water supply from the coal-saving coal, connects the circulation circuit, and delivers saturated steam to the superheater in the Inner Mongolia boiler with multiple forced cycles. The simple body of the pot is made of high-quality thick steel plate and is one of the heaviest parts of the inner mongolia boiler.

The main function of the pot is to store water, to separate the soda, to exclude the salt water and sludge from the pan water in operation, to avoid the high concentration of salt and impurities in the pot water with steam into the superheater and turbine.

The inner unit of the pot includes the separation and steam cleaning device, the water distribution pipe, the sewage and the drug-adding equipment, etc. One of the soda separators is to remove saturated steam and moisture from the water-cooled wall and to minimize the tiny droplets of water carried in the steam. Medium and low-pressure Inner Mongolia boilers are commonly used as coarse separation elements, and Inner Mongolia boilers above medium pressure are further separated by hundred-page windows, wire mesh or average steam plates, in addition to the extensive use of a variety of type cyclone separators for coarse separation. The pot is also equipped with water level meters, safety valves and other monitoring and protection facilities.

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