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Inner Mongolia boiler has multiple safety protection: leakage protection is leakage automatically cut off the power supply, overheat protection is the boiler water temperature is ultra-high to the alarm temperature, automatic stop burner and issue an alarm, secondary overheatprotection, that is, the boiler shell temperature exceeds 105 degrees C, automatically cut off the secondary circuit, the boiler stops working Anti-dry ingress protection is the real-time monitoring of water level conditions with sophisticated water level electrode rods, and when the boiler water level reaches and is below the very low water level for other reasons, the boiler stops working to prevent the risk of dry burning.

The use of glass cotton as a body-type insulation, light weight, good insulation effect, less loss of heat. White color board packaging, beautiful and generous, closed good rust resistance, mechatronics, small footprint, easy to use. Gas boilers are widely used in supermarkets, hospitals, schools, hotels, districts, bathing centers, etc. , automatic heating for users or provide bath water, domestic hot water.

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