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Inner Mongolia bag duster - bag duster 40T

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Inner Mongolia bag duster high dust removal efficiency is inseparable from its dust removal mechanism. Dusty gas by the duster lower intake pipe, through the guide plate into the gray bucket, due to the collision of the deflector and the reduction of gas speed and other effects, coarse dust will fall into the gray bucket, the rest of the fine particles dust with the gas into the filter bag chamber, due to the inertia of filter fibers and fabrics, diffusion, barrier, hook, electrostatic and other effects, dust is blocked to stay in the filter bag , the purified gas escapes out of the bag and is discharged through the exhaust pipe.

The ash on the filter bag is removed by gas reverse washing method, the dust removed is removed down to the ash bucket, and the double-layer ash removal valve is discharged to the ash-transmission device. The ash on the filter bag can also be removed by blowing pulse air flow, so as to achieve the purpose of clearing the ash, the dust removed from the dust removed by the ash removal device. Bag dust remover dust removal efficiency is also inseparable from the filter material, filter performance and quality, directly related to the bag duster performance and the length of service. The filter material is the main material for making filter bags, and its performance and quality are to promote the progress of bag dust removal technology, affecting its application range and service life.

bag duster 40T

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