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Bag duster 35T

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Here's a classification of inner-mongolia bag dusters:

1 Dust removal efficiency is high, generally in more than 99%, dust remover export gas dust concentration in the tens of mg / m3, the submicron particle size of fine dust has a higher classification efficiency.

(2) The range of handling air volume is wide, small only 1 min number m3, large up to 1min tens of thousands of m3, can be used for industrial furnace smoke dust removal, reduce the emissions of atmospheric pollutants.

(3) The structure is simple and the maintenance operation is convenient.

(4) Under the premise of ensuring the same high dust removal efficiency, the cost is lower than that of the electric dust ereverce.

(5) When using fiberglass, teflon, P84 and other high temperature filter materials, can be operated at high temperatures above 200 degrees C.

(6) Insensitive to the characteristics of dust, not affected by dust and resistance.

Bag duster 35T

According to the national standard of "the classification and specification performance representation method of cloth bag duster", the cloth bag duster is divided into five categories. The grey-clearing method is the main sign of the cloth bag duster classification:

(1) Mechanical vibration class

With mechanical device (including manual, electromagnetic or pneumatic device) to make the filter bag produce vibration and gray cloth bag duster, there is suitable for the gap work of the non-branch structure and suitable for continuous work of the compartment structure two structural forms of cloth bag duster.

(2) Compartment anti-blowing class

Take the compartment structure, use the valve to switch the air flow room by room, under the action of reverse air flow, force the filter bag-shaped shrink or bulging and gray cloth bag duster.

(3) Spray Blowing Anti-Blowing Class

The anti-blowing air flow is provided by a high-pressure fan or compressor, and the anti-blowing is carried out through the moving nozzle, so that the filter bag deforms and shakes and penetrates the filter material and clears the cloth bag duster (all non-chamber structures).

(4) Vibration, anti-blowing and use of class

Mechanical vibration (including electromagnetic or pneumatic vibration) and anti-blowing two ways of gray removal and use of cloth bag duster (both compartment structure).

(5) Pulse blowing class

With compressed air as the ash power, the use of pulse blowing mechanism in the instant to release compressed air, induce several times the secondary air high-speed into the filter bag, so that the filter bag rapid lybulation, relying on shock vibration and reverse air flow and gray cloth bag duster.

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