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Inner Mongolia Bag Duster-35T

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Inner Mongolia bag dust remover - filter dust removal device includes a bag duster and particle layer dust remover, the former usually using organic fiber or inorganic fiber fabric made of filter bag as a filter layer, while the latter filter layer uses different particle size particles, such as quartz sand, river sand, ceramic slag, slag and so on. With the powder repeated attachment to the outside surface of the filter bag, the powder layer continues to thicken, the cloth bag duster resistance value also increased;

The gas purification mode of the low-pressure pulse bag duster is external filter type, the dust ym gas enters the filter chamber of each unit by the flow guide pipe, because the vertical distance of the bottom of the filter bag from the upper mouth of the inlet is sufficient, reasonable air flow through the appropriate flow and natural flow distribution, to achieve uniform air distribution in the entire filter chamber, The dust in the dust ym gas falls directly into the gray bucket after separation by natural settlement, and the rest of the dust, under the guidance of the diversion system, enters the filter area of the medium box with the air flow, and adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter bag. The filtered clean gas through filtration bag is discharged through the upper box and drain pipe.

Bag Duster-35T

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