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Desulfurization Tower

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Inner Mongolia boiler dust removal desulfurization tower is a coal-fired boiler flue gas desulfurization of a device, desulfurization dust remover can be wet dust removal, wet desulfurization, can also be dust removal desulfurization integration. Dust removal tower is not only suitable for coal-fired recycling bed boilers in power stations, but also for wet desulfurization and flue gas purification of coal-fired chain boilers.

How desulfurization dusters work

The desulfurizer uses a certain concentration (28% here as an example) of ammonia as a desulfurizer to produce ammonia sulphate slurry, which is transported to the fertilizer plant treatment system. The amount of ammonia required for use in the desulfurization process is automatically regulated by a preset PH control valve and determined by the flow meter. Ammonia sulfate crystals are crystallized by saturated ammonia sulphate slurry in the desulfurization duster, producing suspended particles with a weight ratio of about 35%. These slurry quilt son pump to the treatment site, after primary and secondary dehydration, and then sent to the fertilizer plant for further dehydration, drying, condensation and storage, through the boiler dust ingresssequipment to the flue gas desulfurization at the same time, the boiler duster also produced considerable by-products, to achieve a certain economic benefits.

Desulfurization Tower

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