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Environmentally friendly boilers

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Inner Mongolia boiler- natural gas boiler itself is an energy-saving boiler, and is a better boiler model in environmental protection boiler, which includes natural gas hot water boiler, natural gas steam boiler, and large boiler steam will use more gas then the proportion of natural gas boiler, so the following introduction of the advantages and characteristics of natural gas boiler

1 Natural gas boilers heat up rapidly and can reach the temperature they need over a period of time, which is directly better than coal-fired boilers

2 Natural gas boiler can reduce the problem of artificial coal release, natural gas boiler whether it is hand-fired boiler or chain boiler will use artificial coal, natural gas boiler workers are relatively easy, for enterprises to reduce the cost of use.

3 Natural gas boilers are more efficient and can quickly solve steam-fullness

4 Use glass cotton as a body-type insulation, especially light weight, boiler insulation effect is good, heat loss is less. White color board packaging, beautiful and generous, closed good rust resistance, mechatronics, small footprint, easy to use



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