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Inner Mongolia Plateau Blue Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Poster Strong Lyon Landing on

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"China Brand Day" refers to encouraging television stations, radio stations and print, network and other media at all levels, in important time, important layout arrangements of the independent brand public ity publicity, aimed at telling the story of Chinese brand.

May 10, 2019 is the third China Brand Day. The theme of the 2019 China Brand Day series is: Chinese brand, world sharing, enhance brand building, lead high-quality development, focus on national goods, feel the brand charm.

In response to the call of the state for Chinese national brands to go global, the "China Brand Day - Chinese Brand in Action" series of exhibitions organized by the "China Brand in Action" project group was broadcast on the NASDAQ screen from May 10 to May 11, 2019. The exhibition involves the national industry brand units and guest representatives, a total of 30 brand enterprises.

On May 10, 2019, the Inner Mongolia Plateau Blue Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Giant Poster landed strongly on the "NASDAQ" screen in Times Square, New York, usa, to convey to the world the power of chinese brand life, which not only shows the unstoppable development trend of the Inner Mongolia Plateau blue energy saving and environmental protection, but also marks another Chinese brand to show China's strength to the world , to demonstrate brand strength and ambition!

New York's Times Square, the world's most high-profile commercial heartland, attracts hundreds of thousands of customers and visitors every day, and is a veritable core of the world's business and culture. And the NASDAQ big screen as a landmark of Times Square, but also has a wide range of influence, to Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, JD.com as the representative of the domestic enterprises, have taken this screen as a window to the world "voice" show, is the benchmark of corporate brands.

Inner Mongolia Plateau Blue Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., located in Inner Mongolia Electric Industrial Park, is the leading enterprise in the environmental protection industry in Inner Mongolia, is a modern integrated enterprise, the company relies on the technical strength of institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes, "production, learning, research" combined, With Inner Mongolia University of Technology to establish a strategic partnership, the establishment of a special laboratory, special teaching assistance, doctoral, master's degree and other high-tech personnel to enrich the scientific research team, the establishment of the company's excellent talent service team. The company is mainly engaged in environmental pollution control equipment design, development, production, sales, installation and services. Since its inception, the company spirit of "integrity-based, quality first, service first" for the purpose, has won a good market reputation. Advanced equipment, strong technical force, is the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's environmental protection enterprises, environmental engineering contracting grade qualifications. The company has 2 special inventionitems, utility model special 9 items. 2018 assessed as a high-tech enterprise.

The company implements equipment design, production, construction and installation, commissioning and operation of one-stop turnkey project service concept, with strong technical strength and perfect service, has been successful and a number of well-known domestic listed enterprises, such as: Inner Mongolia Jinhe Biotech Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Shenzhou Biotech, Inner Mongolia, Chinese pastoral medicine, Inner Mongolia Tokto heat, Shanxi Shuozhou Yili emulsion, Mengniu Shanxi emulsion, Ningxia Hengfeng Chemical, Ningxia Yong and Thai power generation, Hebei Derry starch, etc. to establish a good relationship, and won the majority of customers and colleagues of praise!

The company has won the honor swords: Inner Mongolia green enterprises, China's green environmental protection products, China's environmental protection industry top ten products, energy conservation and environmental protection industry innovation demonstration units, CCTV credit China column partner units, 2017 China's energy-saving and environmental protection green double-creation demonstration base, in 2017 to obtain ISO9001 quality system certification , quality brand double guarantee credit certification enterprise, in 2017 was named The Inner Mongolia AAAAA-class re-contract credit integrity unit, in 2018 won China's integrity model enterprises.

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, 70 years of years, a new era, a new journey. Thick thin hair, Chinese brand, we have been on the road, let us to achieve the brand power to add strength, forward, there will be more representatives of Chinese national brands, together to the world, to tell the story of Chinese brands, to the world to spread the voice of Chinese brands. On July 1, 2019, the "China Brand in Action" project team will hold the Chinese brand in action - NASDAQ big screen broadcast!

You would like to learn more about Inner Mongolia boiler information can directly pay attention to our Inner Mongolia Plateau Blue Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., thank you for your support!

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