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Highland blue and Sino-pastoral biopharmaceutical boiler dust removal and sulfur transformation

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Inner Mongolia Plateau Blue Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Chinese Pastoral Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. cooperation.

Zhongmao Biopharmaceutical is a joint venture of China Pastoral Holdings and Inner Mongolia Jinlong Industrial Park Development and Construction Co., Ltd. co-financed by the company, which accounts for 95% of the total investment. Inner Mongolia Zhongmao as a share of the production base of fermented veterinary drugs, the company was founded in June 2004, covers an area of 1456 square meters (218 acres).

I enterprises and plateau blue business negotiations, plateau blue many times with professional service attitude, to solve the needs. Because the product is not very understanding, specific details distinction also do not understand, but the plateau blue Zhao has always been very professional, careful to give us distinction, explain, let me more peer-to-peer choice of that type number, and should be used in which place. Save money without wasting time. So that boiler dust desulfurization transformation choice plateau blue, rest assured that the choice of plateau blue energy conservation and environmental protection, will not be wrong!

Inner Mongolia Plateau Blue Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co. , Ltd. is mainly engaged in the main Inner Mongolia boiler, Inner Mongolia desulfurization denitrification equipment, Inner Mongolia bag dust remover, Inner Mongolia boiler environmental protection transformation project, pneumatic conveying equipment and other energy-saving and environmental protection products. Contact: 13451317888.

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