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STC wet desulfurization equipment

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Inner Mongolia desulfurization denitrification equipment - STC wet desulfurization equipment

The equipment for desulfurization treatment of industrial exhaust gases is dominated by tower equipment, i.e. desulfurization towers. Now with the development of glass and steel technology, desulfurization tower gradually changed to use glass steel manufacturing, glass and steel desulfurization tower low cost, easy processing, rust less, light weight, so it has become the future development trend of desulfurization tower. In addition, 316L stainless steel has three advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature and wear resistance, and is also one of the important trends in the development of desulfurization tower. After years of improvement, has developed into a Venturi type, rotary plate type, swirl column type, floating ball type, sieve plate type, pneumatic emulsified type and other types of desulfurization tower, equipment technology is becoming more mature, each has its advantages and disadvantages, enterprises can choose different types according to their own needs.

Inner Mongolia desulfurization denitrification equipment

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