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Inner Mongolia bag duster - bag duster 80T

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Highland Blue Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to take you to understand the Inner Mongolia bag dust erlast bag dusting development process:

Bag dust removal is an older dust removal technique. Applications began in the 1880s. At that time, only some hanging bags were used, and the productivity was low. In 1881, the mechanical vibration ash bag duster at the Betch plant in Germany began commercial production. In 1954, HJ Hersey invented the anti-spray blowing ring graying technology, so that the bag dust remover to achieve dust removal, gray continuous operation, processing volume increased several times, filter bag pressure is stable.

bag duster 80T

In particular, in 1957 TVReinauer invented the pulse-spray type (pulse) bag dust remover, is considered to be a major discovery of bag dust removal technology, it not only operates and cleans gray continuous, filter bag pressure loss is more stable, the amount of air treatment further increased, and the internal no moving parts, filter cloth life is longer and simple structure. After the 1970s, bag duster technology developed to large-scale. The United States, Japan, Australia and Europe and other countries, combined with large-scale industrial production, has developed a large-scale bag dust remover used in coal-fired power stations, dry cement port kiln tail and electric furnace dust removal. Single filter area of more than 10000m2 is not in the minority.

bag duster 80T

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