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Inner Mongolia Boiler -Natural Gas Boiler Series

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Natural gas boiler body design and combustion system of Inner Mongolia boiler

Furnace design

Boiler structure according to normal pressure design, the top is equipped with through atmospheric holes, the boiler works under normal pressure, away from the explosion hazard, the boiler furnace body using computer-optimized simulation design, completely optimize the size of the boiler, so that the form is coordinated and beautiful. CLHS vertical boiler using burner under-combustion mode, fuel in the furnace bile micro-positive combustion, pipe inserted with a flow block, slow down the exhaust emission speed, strengthen heat exchange, ensure that the heat generated by fuel combustion to maximize the heat heating furnace water, improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler; Flue gas flow is long, reduce the exhaust temperature, the whole corrugated furnace bile setting, so that the flame produces strong disturbance, strongly improve the heat transfer coefficient, and effectively prevent the metal heat expansion and cold shrink resulting in the reduction of equipment life;

Natural Gas Boiler Series

Burning system

The use of original imported burners, automatic program-based control, fan automatic hair sweep, electronic automatic ignition, automatic combustion of oil and gas, wind oil (gas) automatic proportional adjustment, atomization effect is good, full combustion, energy saving and environmental protection, with fire protection device to ensure combustion safety. Under normal circumstances, the combustioner output automatically adjusts the length of the combustion flame with the boiler temperature, the boiler outlet temperature reaches the set value, the burner automatically stops burning, when the temperature is below the set value, the burner automatically starts to work. When the occurrence of fuel, wind anomalies and other phenomena, the fault light is on, the program control device will immediately stop the output of fuel, the combustion machine automatically shut down.

Multiple protection

Boiler has multiple safety protection: leakage protection, that is, leakage automatically cut off the power supply, overheat protection, that is, when the boiler water temperature is ultra-high to the alarm temperature, automaticstop the burner and issue an alarm, secondary overheatprotection, that is, the boiler housing temperature exceeds 105 degrees C, automatically cut off the secondary circuit, the boiler stops working Anti-dry ingress protection is the real-time monitoring of water level conditions with sophisticated water level electrode rods, and when the boiler water level reaches and is below the very low water level for other reasons, the boiler stops working to prevent the risk of dry burning.

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