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Inner Mongolia bag duster - bag duster 20T

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Inner Mongolia boiler environmental protection transformation - bag dust remover is a dry dust filter device. It is suitable for catching fine, dry, non-fibrous dust. Filter bag using textile filter cloth or non-textile felt made, using the filter ingress of fiber fabric to filter dusty gas, when the dust gas into the bag dust erm, particles large, larger than the dust, due to the role of gravity subsidence, fall into the gray bucket, containing a fine dust gas in the filter material, dust is retained, To purify the gas.

Filter bag using compressed air for blowing ash, ash removal mechanism by air bag, blowpipe and electromagnetic pulse control valve. The top of each filter bag outlet in the filter room is equipped with a blowpipe, the lower side of the blowpipe is connected to the filter bag center with a blow-out port, each blowpipe is equipped with a pulse valve and compressed air bag. When the solenoid valve opens the pulse valve, compressed air is sprayed by the ash control device (differential pressure or timing, manual control) in accordance with the set procedure to open the electromagnetic pulse blowing, compressed gas in a very short time and order through each pulse valve through the nozzle on the nozzle induced several times the amount of air spray into the filter bag, forming air wave, So that the filter bag from the mouth to the bottom of the sharp expansion and shock vibration, resulting in a strong graying effect, shake off the dust on the filter bag.

bag duster 20T

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